Surfing the          Spectrum

Surfing the spectrum

A Bit About Us

Surfing the Spectrum is a not-for-profit Surf Therapy initiative working to positively impact the lives of Autistic youth and their families providing free learn to surf events.

Surfing the Spectrum combines our love for surfing with the opportunity to create a supportive community, in order to serve families and children who have not experienced the richness and fulfilment we receive daily from the sea.

What we offer

Connecting Community


At Surfing the Spectrum, we work to promote, protect, and support the rights of children with autism, and their families, to social and community participation through our surf initiatives.

Building Partnerships

We work with local surf schools and autism support groups to build strong relationships and create a sustainable surf therapy programs for children with Autism.

Creating Inclusive Communities

We strive to establish more inclusive communities for people with a disability by creating more opportunities for participation for children with disabilities. This includes recreational activities that promote inclusion.


We aim to be a central source of information for local communities and how they can participate in and support opportunities for children with Autism through surf therapy.

What Drives Us

Our Aim

At a high level, our mission at Surfing the Spectrum is to make the ocean accessible to everyone. Through our surf therapy initiatives we aim to positively build and sustain purposeful autism, and disability, aware communities. We aim to be a leader in surf therapy in Australia and overseas.

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How to get Involved


Check out our upcoming events and get involved. You can attend the events as a participant, which includes children with Autism, their siblings, and their parents. We also need both land and ocean volunteers to help us run our events. For more information on volunteering, you can head to our Volunteer page.

Make A Difference

Surfing the Spectrum is a not-for-profit. Assisting us financially helps to ensure that we can continue to run our events and expand our program. You can make a donation through our donation page. You can also become a Cowabunga Club Member and enable children and their families to participate in our surfing events.