Booking a Lesson

Select all that may apply and our friendly team will find a date and school that suits you.
Select all that apply and we'll do our best to match you with a day that suits!
(I.e. for safety reasons does your child have a diagnosis of epilepsy, asthma that we should be aware of? Or, is your child dyslexic/ADHD and requires different learning choices etc)
(Can the participant swim? Can the participant assess risk or is their confidence level above their skill level- i.e. will go out far without acknowledging risks)?
(Where possible provide us with some interests so we can connect with the participant on arrival- i.e. spiderman, paw patrol, Pokémon etc)
(I.e. Provide any examples of stims which signify stress, does communication change and use sign/non speaking? Or what else could be signs the participant is starting to become dysregulated)
(I.e. provide some examples of things which the participant does find supportive in times of dysregulation)