Cowabunga Club

The Cowabunga Club is a group of legends who are committed to helping autistic children and their families to experience the freedom and joy of surfing.

By becoming a Cowabunga Club member you will enable children and their families to participate in our surfing events. Our goal is to run more events in more locations, and funds raised through our Cowabunga Club initiative will allow us to do this.

How It Works

We are now launching our Cowabunga Club Membership Program. This membership will provide you with the following:

1. The chance to provide 5 children and their families with access to our surfing events

2. Your name (or the name of your business) listed on our dedicated Cowabunga Club webpage.

3. The opportunity to network with fellow members at social events organised by the Surfing the Spectrum Team

4. Ability to use the Cowabunga Club logo on your website as a “Cowabunga Club Member”.

Membership Subscription

Your annual membership of $500 is 100% tax deductible.

Our 2023 Target

Surfing the Spectrum is a charity run by volunteers. The support of our Cowabunga Club is critical to ensure that we can continue run our events and expand our program.

To reach our “2023 Target”, we need 100 Cowabunga Club Members to deliver our programs for 2023. 

Help us to positively impact the lives of families, and their children with Autism!

Send us a Message 

If you have any questions about becoming a Cowabunga Club Member send us a message.